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French macaroons are gluten free

Tasty vs. healthy: restrictive diets

All restrictive diets are challenging to our lifestyle. We might find out, for one reason or another, that we can no longer enjoy meals we used to eat in the past. If we live with other people, then they might as well change their eating habits, or at least prepare separate meals, so we can eat without any bad consequence. Going out and travelling is also something that you must plan, because you have to make sure that you'll find something you can eat, or otherwise you should take your own food with you if possible - and it's not always allowed.

But running on a quite restrictive diet shouldn't mean you cannot have food you enjoy any longer. People with this sort of necessities often look around and find alternate recipes that replace ingredients or merely combine allowed aliments to create tasty dishes. It's all a matter of running a little research and finding a couple specialised recipe books.

Eating well on gluten-free diets

People with celiac disease or gluten allergies often have to struggle to find dishes they can eat. Some places have more gluten-based local dishes and cuisines, and the United Kingdom is no exception to this. People on a gluten-free diet might find out that they have to quit many delicious things they like because they cannot tolerate them or they have a bad reaction. And more and more people are choosing to eat only gluten-free food, be it for health reasons or in order to change their shape.

What we want you to know is that, if you are on a gluten-free diet, you might have more options than you think. People who do not tolerate gluten are quite many, and there are books and recipe lists that have been developed precisely for them. It is, indeed, quite a challenge to eat gluten-free because many sorts of food, especially processed food, might have gluten contamination. They are made in machines that also elaborate gluten aliments, so a bit of that can transfer to the food you're eating and affect you.

So here's an example of a delicious treat that you can eat, while being sure it's 100% gluten-free yet delicious and very satisfying: the macaroon.

The French have the answer!

Did you know that all macaroons are gluten-free? Unlike many other cookies you might not be able to enjoy, they are not made with wheat at all. The two main ingredients of a macaroon's shell are almond powder and egg whites. The filling inside macaroons usually contains delicious fruits like raspberries, lemon or pistachios, or more standard flavours like chocolate or vanilla. Of course, all of these are completely gluten-free, so you can enjoy them safely!

Macaroons are a delicious French product that you can enjoy in all their many flavours, but what should you do if you are not in France? It's not like you can just walk around the corner and get some in the market, right? What do you do? Here are your two options.

Buy macaroons online

If you don't have the skill or the time to make some yourself, or you'd rather taste the actual, original French flavour of authentic macaroons, the perfect texture and the super cute look, then your definite best option is to buy them online. Finding French macaroons on the Internet can be tricky because there are many stores that offer them, but not all will send you fresh and delicious macaroons, especially if they come from France itself. Our recommendation is that you buy them through Saveur du Jour, an amazing web store that sells authentic homemade French macaroons directly to you. We are absolutely in love with their products and it is said its customer service is just fantastic. Saveur du Jour is actually noteworthy for all its products, not only macaroons. This store sells a wide range of French products that you can use to treat yourself or your family, make super original and classy gifts, or decorate any space. Check the website and find out by yourself!

Make your own macaroons

If you can find good macaroon recipes and you like to cook, then you can give it a go and make your own macaroons. It can be fun and you can share this activity with friends or family, and then eat together what you've made. There are instructions for macaroon making in books and the Internet, or you can just go all the way and try a French cooking course. It's a lot of fun, and cooking gives you the opportunity to make delicious food. What else would you want?


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